First I would like to thank the people who liked my earlier post. I truly didn’t expect that at all.

Before the cocktail, of 2 percs, 2 dilotted, 2 Tylenol, 2 motrin and an anti-inflamatory that I can’t remember the name of right now, wears off I thought that I should add in a bit of background on when and how my illness started. All those years of being a bartender when I was younger paid off. I make good cocktails 😀

I am doing this for a couple of reasons. I’d love to meet anyone that is experiencing the same or similar to my situation and I feel as though I am being ignored or not taken seriously. When I first became ill my family doctor was very enthusiastic on finding a reason for the pain but as soon as I was diagnosed as having “Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome” the enthusiasm broke, gone petuey, vamoosed. Well if anyone out there knows anything about this diagnosis it is a blanket default diagnosis. At first I was thrilled. Wow, someone has finally found out what is wrong. But as time passed, and I kept getting worse, and nothing else was being done I came to the realization that I gave you want you want now shut-up and go away. I did go away for awhile I didn’t have the energy to push, everything was so exhausting. Nievely too I figured that my doctor was still looking for some answers for me. That is probably my biggest fault. I was never any good at being the squeaky wheel. I’d let it build and let it build all the while I guess people figure that everything on my part is fine and then you’ll hear it when I finally have had enough, then I’m seen a bitchy and having mood swings. So anyway here is the beginning of my story. On Friday February 12, 2010 at about 11 o’clock in the morning I received a phone call from my doctor’s office. Funny how I can remember this day so well yet I couldn’t tell you what happened yesterday. Anyway a recent test that I had done didn’t come back so good and I had to go for biopsies. Kinda scary. I tried calling my husband at work. No answer. I kept trying not only his extension but others as well. Still no answer. Those phones had call display I can understand that no-one wanted to tell me that he wasn’t there. Just after noon he walked through the door. Now my husband would never have left work if I had gotten ahold of him so it seemed strange to see him. He was downsized. So in a nutshell, within an hour I found out that I may have cervical cancer and my husband, the breadwinner of the family, lost his job. Benefits and all.

Add two sleeping pills to the cocktail. Cross your fingers for me that they work.

I really need to change positions if anyone is reading this I’ll be back soon and we’ll start with March 2010. The beginning of the pain.


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