Visualizing Pain

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Daily Diary
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Visualizing Pain

I am new to blogging. I have set up a couple but although my intentions are good they are sitting idle. Kinda like me. Not by any choice of my own, it is only because of this debilitating pain that I live with every minute of every day,
This blog has 2 main purposes in my life. The first is just to vent; being sick for over 3 years I have lost everyone to talk to, aside from my virtual friends on Facebook. The second reason is to try and communicate and make visual the pain that I am in. I don’t want sympathy but I desperately need understanding from the two people in my life that can, or at least attempt to, help me.
I am going to attempt multiple posts a day. Please remember though that as I am new to this there may be many errors is where I put things such as the posts, photos and footnotes the photos or quotes. Please if you choose to read my posts excuse those. Hopefully they will improve, however lately my thoughts seem to be getting foggy so they may not. I’ll give it the ol’ college try though.
I am finding it hard to type but I have a lot to say so posts will probably be short but frequent.
If anyone does read this, and blogs themselves, please feel free to offer any friendly blogging advice. Also if you are suffering like I am let’s talk.
the ow, ow, ow, photo, like most of the ones that I will probably use, is from a Facebook group that I recently joined. “Sick of ppl not understanding our PAIN”

  1. prayingforoneday says:

    That poem there was born out of having CPS over 10 years. From my mid 20#s to now, my late 30’s. I don’t think people who don’t have this will EVER understand. You say you are new to blogging and had CPS 3 years. Trust me, you do become a new person, and I hated the person I became, in the main due to the medication that I am have almost got myself off, it is poison. Pain becomes part of you and part of the way you change it.
    Two choices.
    Embrace it…deal with, understand it and live
    It WILL eat you alive and leave you on your knees

    I was part of a study into CPS and I refused to speak to anyone who has not suffered from CPS, So I spoke with fellow CPS’ers, and we all agreed this is the only 2 options open to us/

    Can I ask. What are your main problems due to CPS

    Thanks Shaun

    • Hi Shaun, thank you so much for reading and responding to my post. Because I am new to this I think it ended up on the wrong blog. The bolg myshannonagains I set up in order to try and work from home since I can no longer even leave the house my pain has gotten so bad. I just wanted to let you know so that if you follow (and I hope you will) it will be on the right one. that is the one that it should have been on.

      I am so sorry to hear that you have suffered for over 10 years. I am just over 3. I started with pain in the pelvic and upper leg region. Slowly this progressed throughout my entire abdomin. Not just a stomach ache but doubled over stabbing make me cry uncontrolablely pain. Then about 3 months ago it spread through-out my entire body; muscles, joints, skin, you name it it’s there. I believe though that they are two different ailments because the pain and the way that it progressed are different. I am so frustrated over not being taken seriously and ignored by doctors. So I am hoping to meet other people who suffer as well and give a voice to this silent disability.

      • prayingforoneday says:

        From what you say it sounds like Chronic Pain. Not knowing can be the hard bit. Few Questions..if that is ok..

        Is your sleeping patterns up and down?
        Do you lose appetite a lot?
        Good days and bad days?
        Do you get depressed?
        Do have fatigue? Like one second your ok, next, need to sleep?
        Do you get pains in your joints?
        Do you get headaches?

        Email me to if you don’t want to answer here.
        If you have Skype, add me, my name is shaunyg1973 I can help. Call me a veteran of pain..
        And the pleasure is mine. I came here same reason as you! To reach out and hope people reach back. I am reaching back, same as many did for me…

        Shaun x

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