In the Beginning…

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Daily Diary
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10: 15 am

I know that you’ve all been sitting in front of your computer anxiously awaiting the post that I promised last night. I won’t make you wait any longer we’ll start in March 2010.

Roughly a month after that ominous phone call I started to get cramping. I went to work, kept a normal schedule and didn’t pay it much attention at the beginning. I had assumed that the cramps were because of the dysplasia and my appointment was in a few weeks so I’m a tough girl, I’ll just grin and bear it. My husband came with me for my appointment since he wasn’t working and I was becoming very uncomfortable with the cramps. I really appreciated the company at appointments like this, even though he sat 5 seats away and read the paper. I take comfort in knowing that once the sports pages have been mulled over 8 times that someone has my back if I make a run for it.

Even though I am a people watcher I hate waiting rooms. I could watch the same people doing the same actions in a park and sit there for hours but in a hospital 5 minutes and I’m ready to go. I remember there being quite a range in age from teenagers to elderly women, I would guess to be in their eighties. I don’t want to be doing the stirrup thing in my eighties. If God had meant us to have our ankles up behind our ears in our eighties then he wouldn’t have made our boobs hang to our knees. They just get in the way.  If this pain that I have now doesn’t kill me I hope that they have another way to do that test by then. Shutter. All kinds of things go through your mind when you’re bored.  I love that commerical with the woman that can’t sleep and the last thing that she says “What if the Hokey Pokey is what its all about?” For those of you that have never had unbearable pain or insomnia you can leave now. You’ll never understand.

Ooooh a friendly face, a friend’s daughter came in, she’d been coming to the clinic to be monitored for two years, explained that it was a piece of cake. 10 minutes and you are in and out. Pardon the pun there if you got a visual. Hmm, didn’t seem too bad. I wish the waiting room was that fast. Finally my turn, why are clinics never on time?

As the nurse walked me back I remember squinting as the light, from the flourencent lamps overhead, reflected off of the top of the antique walls. The tiles on the bottom half were a minty green. I wondered how many times that colour had gone in and out of fashion of the years that this old building stood. Even though the decor was light and airy the atmosphere was very heavy and oppressive. I should call Zak from Ghost Adverturers and see if he wants a new locale for his T.V. show. Oooh cool, I’d go on a lockdown. That’d be fun. Off topic, back to my oppressive hallway. the nurse explaining the procedure. that they spray a vinegar solution and if any white is visable they may invite my back for a biopsy. I remember distinctly she used the word may. I sit in the chair, ankles around my ears and cordially the doctor aranges the T.V. screen so that I can see what is going on. Who says that our health care is not full service. She gave me a couple of sprays of Eau de Parfum ala french fry. I’m staring at my cervix and I’m thinking how can they see white when the entire area is white. That really didn’t make sense. Oh shit! It hit me. So much for 10 minutes.

Slowly the cramps turned into pain in the pelvic and upper leg regions.

It’s 9:41 pm. yes it did take all day. between the pain from sitting, typing and lying down this 5 minute post took almost 12 hours to write. I need to rest agian. I’ll continue later tonight ha who am I kidding, tomorrow. If you know someone in pain please lets get together through here and compare notes. Good Night

  1. Nice Job……………………..

    • Thank you LeeAnn, I am really hoping that this blog will make chronic pain no longer invisible to people lucky enough not to suffer from it. Please come back often and spread the word, I’d love some followers to help get the word out there.

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