About Me (aka Shannonagains)

Although the majority of this blog is about me I’ll try to sum things up on this page. I won’t go into my illness and disabilities here as they can be found on every other page on this blog.

I am a 44-year-old mom of the 3 most wonderful boys that I could ever wish for. My eldest is almost 25, tall, dark and handsome. He is my life and I am so proud of him. Not married yet but good as. My replacement is a tiny, beautiful young woman full of life. They are so happy together and I love her for that. My middle boy will be 12 in June. Full of passion and obsesses over always doing the right thing. When he was a baby (even under a year) he was so consumed by anything with wheels; shopping carts, strollers and cars. definitely cars. By the age of 3 he knew more about cars, engines, history of the makes and models than most adults. He just always seemed to have this innate ability to acquire and keep automotive knowledge. He’d amaze me with the facts that he knew before he was even toilet trained. My youngest is 9. This kid is so full of life. He is me to a T. His only goal in life (aside from being an ice cream truck driver) is to make people laugh. OMG this kid is hilarious. I used to have complete strangers come up to me and tell me that they have pictures of my son. As soon as someone took out a camera it was his queue to shine. He’d jump in front of the subject, raise his arms, do a peace symbol with his fingers and a contorted face. Not only is he so very funny he is so smart. Extremely smart with no ambition. I wish I knew how to inspire this child. As long as he’s made someone laugh he’s satisfied. Each one of them is so fantastic in their own right. They truly have been a blessing.
I’ve been married for 14 years and separated for nearly a year. I can’t and refuse to be second in his life anymore. He is a very hardworking man but his priorities are very different from mine. Do I love him? Yes, very much. However I will no longer be second to friends, beer, sports, work, basically everything. Not only second but a very, very distant second. That, however, is a whole other blog.
A few months ago I decided that I would take my passion for jewellery, art and upcycling into a business. Shannonagains was born out of this passion but I haven’t had the energy to develop my crafts as much as I had originally intended. Shannonagains is not totally dead just comatose right now. I need to investigate and explore my illness first. I still have two children to raise so finding a way to manage my pain in order to give my kids their mother back has to be my priority. But don’t fret Shannonagains will be back with great products and tutorials that you will love.
Pain is such a disability. My main goals for this blog are to get people, medical personal and average person, to understand that pain is invisible but so real. It needs to be recognized and explored. Unfortunately the cliché out of sight, out of mind is applied way too often when it comes to pain.
If you suffer from pain, or an unknown illness, or have suggestions that people suffering can try please speak up. We’d love to hear from you.

  1. prayingforoneday says:

    Please accept this award, THE LIEBSTER AWARD

    Thank you.

  2. prayingforoneday says:

    From what you say it sounds like Chronic Pain. Not knowing can be the hard bit. Few Questions..if that is ok..

    Is your sleeping patterns up and down?
    Do you lose appetite a lot?
    Good days and bad days?
    Do you get depressed?
    Do have fatigue? Like one second your ok, next, need to sleep?
    Do you get pains in your joints?
    Do you get headaches?

    Email me to shaungibson1@sky.com if you don’t want to answer here.
    If you have Skype, add me, my name is shaunyg1973 I can help. Call me a veteran of pain..
    And the pleasure is mine. I came here same reason as you! To reach out and hope people reach back. I am reaching back, same as many did for me…

    Shaun x

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